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Mountain Landscape


plastic water bottles have been consumed since you opened this page

Himalayan excellence, sustainably canned 

Pure, sustainable, and dedicated to both your well-being and the well-being of our environment.

We're dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint. CAN WTR is packaged in eco-friendly aluminum cans, which are infinitely recyclable and help reduce single-use plastic waste.

infinitely recyclable 

CAN WTR is sourced directly from the pristine Himalayan Mountain range, known for its crystal-clear water. Our commitment to purity ensures you enjoy refreshing water that's naturally filtered by the mountains.

Pure Himalayan Source

CANWTR is the ultimate choice for those who want to stay hydrated on the go. Our water comes in a convenient can that you can take with you wherever your adventures lead.

Your On-the-Go Companion

Great taste,

Uncompromisingly Sustainable



Naturally Alkaline 

10 +

essential minerals are naturally infused

CANWTR Still is sourced from the pristine Himalayan Mountains, known for its untouched natural beauty and pure water sources. Our water captures the essence of this majestic region, providing you with unparalleled freshness and purity in every sip.



Bubbles per sip


more healthy than conventional aerated drinks

Sourced from the pristine Himalayan Mountains, where nature's untouched beauty meets the purest water sources, it is meticulously carbonated to perfection, creating a symphony of effervescence that dances on your palate. With a naturally balanced pH and a mineral-rich composition, CANWTR Sparkling not only quenches your thirst but elevates your drinking experience.

The birth of CANWTR

In the heart of India's Himalayan region, surrounded by the awe-inspiring majesty of nature's purest wonders, the idea for CANWTR was born. It was a passion for both the environment and the thirst for genuine refreshment that led to the creation of a brand dedicated to purity, sustainability, and taste. We envisioned a brand that not only quenched thirst but also made a positive impact on our environment. The very source of our water, the Himalayas, has been a symbol of purity for centuries. We saw it as our duty to protect and preserve this natural treasure. That's why we chose aluminum cans as our packaging – they are not only recyclable but also have a lower environmental footprint compared to plastic bottles.

As CANWTR continues to flow into the world, our commitment remains unwavering. We invite you to join us in this journey of purity, sustainability, and refreshment. Together, we can make a difference – one can at a time.

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